2012 Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport - Highlights and New Exterior Features

With the successful launch of the GranTurismo Convertible in 2010, Maserati has further enhanced the power, handling, appearance and sound to create the new Sport version for 2012. An array of dynamic features, such as MC Autoshift, sport exhaust and increased power and torque are standard in the Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport. This model appeals to the many performance-oriented owners whom are seeking the highest level of driving enjoyment in a Maserati convertible.

The new Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport features six soft colors, headlights with black look, newly designed colored GT S side skirts, new Astro Design 20" wheels, black grille and Trident with red accents, body colored front splitter (in carbon fiber as an option), Hi-Tech steering wheel with Trofeo Shift Paddles, body-color handles, GT S exhaust system with oval outlets.


444 hp 4.7 L V8 Engine: Thanks to upgrades to the engine internal components, a power increase of 10 hp and +15 ft-lbs has been achieved together with a 6% fuel economy improvement.

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia Berlinetta (Coupe) Overview

People usually do not think that Ferrari can improve on their cars because they're already considered perfect and cutting edge, but at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, Ferrari had no trouble proving the world that they can still make a more perfect car than before. They did that with the introduction of the 458 Italia. The 458 Italia was announced as the official replacement for the Ferrari F430, which was produced from 2005 to 2009.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a current production model for Ferrari from 2009 and is considered one of the best looking Ferrari's that is also capable of challenging the Enzo around the track. As of 2011, a replacement for the 458 Italia has not yet been announced. The 458 Italia comes in four known variants: the 458 Italia Berlinetta (coupe), 458 Italia Spider, 458 Challenge and the 458 GTC (Grand Touring Challenge).

Although the 458 was announced as a replacement for the outgoing F430 model, it was actually based on an entirely different design that was driven by Ferrari's learning experiences from Formula 1 rather than the F430. The 458 was designed by Pininfarina. There have been unconfirmed reports that the inspiration for the design was drawn from the Ferrari Enzo and was designed to be Ferrari's best V8 car, significantly distinguishing itself from the current Ferrari California model. Although it would be hard to notice, the design was actually driven heavily by the aerodynamic capabilities and efficiencies.

Mercedes - Automotive Heritage for the Masses

In the 1960's Mercedes was aligned with German luxury. Their sports cars were exotic and their large models combined comfortable transport with a certain cache. The Gullwing Mercedes was particularly esoteric. Owning a Mercedes Benz was once the privilege of the famous and the wealthy.

With the advent of the Ford Sierra/Mondeo sized Mercedes 190 in 1985, Mercedes Benz ownership became more accessible. Granted, the three pointed star will never be synonymous with cheaper brands, but owning a Mercedes is no longer as expensive; neither is it as pricey to maintain as other luxury barges.

Mercedes have steadfastly branded their classes of vehicle according to the alphabet for many years. The A class is the smallest of the hatchbacks and the S class the largest of the saloons, with the Ford Mondeo sized C class, and the Range Rover competitor M and G classes residing somewhere in the middle amongst the B E and R classes.